Study abroad with TUMexchange

The TUMexchange program offers B.A. and M.A. students of all fields the possibility for a study-related stay in the selected country outside Europe. The application process opens once a year at the beginning of the winter term for both the winter and summer terms. You have to apply at the TUM Global & Alumni Office first. Upon the successful nomination by the G&A Office, the students have to apply to the desired university.

Apply now for stays abroad in winter 2022/23 and summer 2023

Application period: October 19 (10 a.m.) to November 2 (10 a.m.)

Please apply directly via our online database. Use the application form Outgoing - Application for TUMexchange 2022/23. Attention: Application is possible only within the given application period. Documents submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Note: After you have been successfully nominated for a TUMexchange-spot and you have accepted this nomination, an application for the Erasmus + program in December is no longer possible.        

Info events about the TUMexchange stay

  • Your application - step by step in German
    October 13, 2 p.m.
  • Your application - step by step in English
    October 14, 2 p.m.

PP Presentation can be found here

How it works

  • Research countries and universities included in the TUMexchange program on our online database
  • Decide whether you want to study abroad for one or two semesters at the university of your choice. Attention: the exchange study in the USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore is limited to one semester and cannot be extended!
  • Submit the online application to the Global & Alumni Office through the online application portal after announcement of the application period for both the winter and summer semesters
  • Selection and place awarding by the Global & Alumni Office
  • Students confirm the places offered
  • Nomination process at the partner universities by the Global & Alumni Office
  • The G&A Office nominates the students at the partner university
  • The students apply to the partner university. After receiving the letter of admission the students have to organize their stay abroad
  • Under Downloads you will find a checklist with all important To-dos before and after mobility.

Countries & partner universities

You can find detailed information about partner universities for the TUMexchange program in our MoveOn database.

Specify your search here by using the different filter options such as Program, Country, Institution, Subject Area, and Study Level.

On the relevant university sites, you can also find some experience reports of fellow students, which may inspire your wish to go abroad even more. Happy browsing!

Prerequisites for TUMexchange

  • Enrollment in a TUM degree program at the time of application and throughout the duration of your stay abroad
  • The field of study is available. Please research through the online database
  • Successful completion of at least four semesters of your bachelor's degree program or successful completion of your pre-diploma prior to the beginning of your stay at the host university
  • Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction in the host country
  • Good to excellent grades
    The average note is not defined for the entire program but may vary by TUM departments.

Please note that the semester periods at the individual partner universities may differ greatly from the semester periods at the TUM.

Important notice:  If you are considering a position which requires a security check, residing in one of the countries included on the attached list could limit your career options. The list of countries considered dangerous can change. More information on this topic can be found (in German) in the Handbuch des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie.

The selection process is carried out via the TUM Global & Alumni Office. Eligibility criteria are based on:

  • Grade point average (Bachelor study) Study performances for the master’s program are not considered
  • Language proficiency in the teaching language
  • Letter of motivation (academic plan)

In recent selection rounds, approximately half of all applicants have been offered an exchange nomination through TUMexchange. Your chances of being offered a place strongly depend on your preferred university. A particularly large number of applications are submitted for the universities in North America, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, the and some universities in China. Please bear in mind that we cannot answer questions about individual cases.

  • Studies at selected institutions of higher education outside the EU for up to a maximum of two semesters. With particularly popular destinations (e.g. USA, Canada, Singapore or Australia), stays are usually limited to one semester in order to offer the opportunity to the greatest number of TUM students to participate in the exchange program.
  • Exemption from student fees at the host university (Please check our online database to find out about exceptions for a few partner universities in the USA)
  • Advice on the selection of a suitable partner university from the Global & Alumni Office
  • Option to take a leave of absence during your stay at the host university
  • Academic recognition of your grades from abroad by agreement with the relevant TUM school or department
  • Support from the host university regarding accommodation, enrollment, orientation
  • Inclusion of the stay abroad in the diploma supplement

Important: Successful application for the exchange program through TUMexchange does not automatically entitle you to a scholarship. Stays at a few selected partner universities however can be funded with Erasmus+ International. Moreover, on our Scholarships website you can find useful information about scholarships from external providers that might be appropriate for your stay abroad.

TUMexchange Application procedure

The next possible application period will be between October 19th and November 2nd 2021 for stays in the academic year 2022/23!

  • Please register on the online application portal first. Use your TUM e-mail address.
  • Please note your login address and password for post processing
  • Select the form Outgoing – Application for TUMexchange
  • Please select max. two desired universities. (Applications for two different countries is possible)
  • By the end of December: Confirmation/Rejection of nomination to your e-mail address
    Note: Please regularly check the e-mail account you used for your TUMexchange application. Check all SPAM folders, too, as serial e-mails are often sorted there.

You will find the information on the application process and the fact sheets of the partner universities in our online database.

Note: Direct applications to partner universities will not be accepted.

The following documents must be uploaded through the online application portal:

Grade report

  1. Applicants without a bachelor's degree certificate: the current transcript of your bachelor studies with the average grade. If the transcript is without the average grade, then submit the transcript together with the grade sheet completed by yourself. (Template in the Downloads section)
  2. Applicants with a bachelor's degree certificate: Please submit the bachelor's degree certificate with the average grade
  3. The students of the Department of Medicine are automatically considered master students: please submit the Physikum (first state examination) with the average grade. 

How to calculate the average grade

If the average grade is not listed in the transcript of your bachelor studies, the transcript together with the grade sheet is necessary. The grade sheet is required in order to calculate your average grade.

Important: Enter all your passed, graded, validated and ECTS-weighted grades from your bachelor's studies appearing on your transcript in the grade sheet, regardless of whether these grades will be counted towards your final result or their weighting in your degree program. Please do not include any ungraded or failed modules or courses without ECTS. The grades from the master's degree will not be considered.
Enter the average grade from the grade sheet rounded to two decimal places after the comma (e.g. 1.75). Please only use a decimal comma to separate decimal points.

Note for applicants with a bachelor's degree from abroad

Please convert your average grade using the modified Bavarian formula. The instructions can be found under Downloads.

Please submit your bachelor's certificate along with a supplement containing the conversion to confirm your grades. Unfortunately, we cannot consider foreign bachelor's certificates for selection without this conversion.


  • English, tabular, single-page (please use only the templates in Downloads)

Motivational letter

  • Please fill in the form provided in the download section
  • Write one motivation letter, including your criteria for both universities
  • English, maximum two pages
  • Describe your academic goals
  • Explain why you selected your desired university (especially range of courses)

Language certificates

  • Proof of language knowledge is mandatory during the application period at the Global & Alumni Office and cannot be submitted later. A list with accepted certificates can be found in Downloads.
  • To apply at universities with different instruction languages (e.g. Brazil and Mexico) two language certificates are mandatory.
  • A certificate of language ability for the national language is optional if it is not the language of instruction. In this case, any certificate or evidence of language ability can be submitted.

Important tip

At this stage, your language skills do not need to be at the level of knowledge required for the application to the partner university. Read the fact sheets in our online portal to see which certificates are required by the partner university.

Please realistically estimate whether you can reach the language level required by the partner university (usually B1 or B2; for North American universities usually C1) by the time of the external application deadline at the host university (see the factsheet for the universities in the online portal).

For medical students: Please note that the language level in clinics is higher than at universities (at least B2).

Confirmation/cancellation by the student

  • After receiving the offer of a place, you must make a binding acceptance or rejection.

Important: Once you have officially accepted the place at TUMexchange, the application for other exchange programs (e.g. Erasmus, Departmental Program) are void for the corresponding period.

Preparation of application documents for the partner university

  • Preparing application materials as of January for the winter semester and as of June for the spring semester
  • Intensive research on the host country, the preferred partner universities and the course offering at these universities
  • After receiving of a nomination confirmation from the Global & Alumni Office, the students themselves must hand in the application documents to the partner university on time according to the application procedure of the host university. Information on the application procedure can be found in the fact sheets of the partner university on our online datenbase.

After being admitted to the partner university

  • Consult with the International Affairs Delegate of your department for a TUM study plan and possible recognition of credits earned abroad
  • Apply with the Student Service Center (SSZ) for a semester's leave of absence, if necessary
  • Apply for an external scholarship, if necessary
  • Obtain the necessary visas, insurances, vaccination, and book flights yourself

Please note: We strongly recommend booking the flight after receiving the acceptance letter from the partner university.

To-dos during and after your stay abroad

During the stay abroad

  • At the end of stay: Obtain a Confirmation of Stay issued by the partner university
  • Represent TUM at a fair or similar event, if such an event takes place

After your stay abroad

  • Submit Confirmation of Stay
  • Submit experience report


Please upload both documents to our online application portal, selecting the form After Mobility Documents (TUMexchange). Please use the same login and password that you used for the TUMexchange application.

Please note: Submission of these two documents is a prerequisite for recognizing your stay abroad in the diploma supplement.

Grants promoting equity and inclusion

TUMexchange candidates with limited finances have the chance to enjoy a stay abroad via grants provided by the Erasmus+ program.

Scholarships from external providers

Besides the programs coordinated by TUM, there is also the opportunity to receive grants for a stay abroad from external providers.

Offers of the TUM Language Center

The Language Center offers writing consultation, a range of language courses, and information courses for intercultural communication.