TUM Global Events

On this page, you can learn more about events organized by the TUM Global & Alumni Office (TUM G&A) together with strategic partners as well as about the events of our liaison officers in Brussels, Mumbai, Beijing, San Francisco, and São Paulo. Moreover, the TUM G&A invites TUM's international representatives and all interested parties of our university to the virtual information series TUM Global Spotlights – an informal, 30-minute exchange in German about news from TUM's international network.


With the TUM Global Dialogue Series (TUM GDS), we invite the entire TUM community as well as the interested public to participate in the dialogue between TUM scientists and their partners as well as stakeholders worldwide.

The TUM Global Dialogues always take place in the fall and are organized by the TUM Global Engagement team, the TUM Global liaison officers, and colleagues from TUM Asia. The events are held online and in English to make them attractive to the widest possible interested international audience. Information on the individual events is expected to be available on this page from September.