Strategic partners & alliances

TUM's worldwide network is made up of diverse strategic partnerships and alliances, each with an individual focus: Strategic networks with selected partners enable cross-border and innovative forms of cooperation, especially in Europe. Within the framework of flagship partnerships, TUM is deepening its often decades-long cooperation with leading universities worldwide in common areas of expertise. Moreover, our Global Strategic Alliances enable strategic collaborations in thematically more focused formats. 

Strategic networks


In 2006, TUM founded the EuroTech Universities Alliance together with DTU. Today, the alliance connects six of the best technical universities in Europe as a strategic partnership.


The EuroTeQ Engineering University emerged from the EuroTech Universities Alliance. The unique project combines the strengths of the partners for a joint European engineering education.


The German-French Academy for the Industry of the Future links TUM with the Institut Mines-Télécom. Besides joint research, education and innovation, it also promotes cooperation with industry partners.

Flagship partnerships

Imperial College

TUM's strategic partner Imperial College London is linked to TUM through numerous research collaborations. For both sides, the partnership is also a commitment to global cooperation.

Tsinghua University

Within the flagship partnership, the cooperation between TUM and Tsinghua, which has existed for almost 30 years, will be deepened in fields such as lifelong learning and entrepreneurship. 


The partnership between The University of Queensland and TUM exemplifies an international relationship that enables knowledge exchange at the highest level despite great geographical distance.

TUM Global Strategic Alliances


After many years of cooperation on future topics such as energy research, mobility and global health, KNUST and TUM have been linked by a close, sustainability-oriented, partnership since the end of 2018.

IGP Exploration

With the joint project Exploration. An Indo-German Partnership, TUM, IIT Bombay, and IIT Kharagpur are stepping up their cooperation in the fields of climate, energy, environment, mobility and transport.

Politecnico di Milano

With the best technical university in Italy, TUM has established a strategic partnership for the promotion of talent and research cooperation starting at the end of 2022.