Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies (SMS)

The Erasmus+ and Swiss-European Mobility Program comprises academic exchanges between selected universities in the EU (“Erasmus+”), Switzerland (“Swiss-European Mobility program”) and individual non-EU countries (“Erasmus+ International Dimension”). Have you been selected by your home university for studying abroad at TUM within the scope of one of these programs and nominated via our e-nomination system? If so, please carefully read the information below. If you have not been e-nominated yet, please contact your home university. Our partner universities receive all information regarding our application process (including how the e-nomination works) in March (for winter term) and in September (for summer term).

Coronavirus: Information for students seeking advice on our programs

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus disease Covid-19 and the virus SARS-CoV-2, we ask you to get in touch with us by e-mail only until further notice. We will try our best to perform our consulting services as smoothly as possible this way.

Application period and required documents

Your nomination and application documents must be received by the TUM Global & Alumni Office within the application period indicated below but no later than the specified application deadline:

  • Winter semester: March 15 – May 15
  • Summer semester: September 15 – October 31

Please fill out required forms in the language in which you intend to study at TUM: if you will be attending courses in German, for example, please fill out in German; if you will mainly be attending courses in English, please fill out in English; if you will be attending courses in German and English, please fill out in one of these languages.

We accept all documents written in German or English (if necessary, please translate and have the translation certified and stamped by your home university).

Important: Applications submitted and posted after the application deadline will not be considered!


How to apply? (Required documents)

First step: register in the below mentioned portal (link see "Online form" - please only register in this application portal!), fill out the online form which appears after registration, upload all necessary documents, submit the data via our portal to TUM.

Second step: Send a confirmationmail together with your PDF documents via e-mail to TUM Global & Alumni Office (Incoming Office). Please do NOT send any documents via post / courier to TUM anymore!


Please note: All information e-mails as well as your TUM admission letter will be send to the e-mail adresse you  mention in the Online form. Make sure to check it on a regular basis. The same for your spam folder: the experience shows that some TUM e-mails will end up there. So make sure to check it as well and if possible to cancel the function "delete at once". 


  • Online Form
    Important technical note: Our online application is optimized for Firefox 5 or higher as well as for Google Chrome; please do not use any other browsers! When completing the online form in the applicant portal, please follow the instructions on the first page of the form. Important: Online applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered!
  • Letter of Motivation in English or German (approx. 1 page stating the reasons for your planned stay abroad at TUM)
  • Transcript of records (itemized academic performance to date. If you are a master's student, please also include your transcript from the bachelor's degree.) We accept transcripts in German or English (if necessary, please translate and have the translation certified and stamped by your home university). A simple copy is accepted. 
  • Document stating the courses you are enrolled in within the current semester, which are consequently not yet listed on your transcript (please use this form (Word, 26 KB) or your own).
  • CV in German or English
  • Photocopy of your passport/ID card (if applicable)
  • Learning Agreement (could also be named "Study Plan"): list of courses you want to attend at TUM (if you have questions please discuss your study plans with your Erasmus Officer at your home university and the Erasmus Coordinator of your TUM department). Please complete the Learning Agreement / Study Plan by typing the names of courses (not handwritten!) in German or in English (!). From TUM side you can use any form for your list of courses. So please check with your homeunversity, if they need a special form. Note that TUM signatures on your learning agreement will only be given AFTER your acceptance at TUM, not during the application process!
  • Language certificates  (a certificate confirming your current language skills; this certificate can be issued by your home university or by a language school. Self-assessment tests without signature of the homeuniversity cannot be accepted): 
    • Verification of your English skills: if you are planning to attend courses in English at TUM
    • Verification of your German skills: skills if you are planning to attend courses in German at TUM
    • Verification of your German and English skills:  if you are planning to attend courses in German and English at TUM

You can only transmit your data to TUM and complete your application as specified below once you have uploaded all documents to the applicant portal: 

Please send a confirmationmail together with your PDF documents via e-mail to TUM. Please do not send any documents via post / courier to TUM anymore.


Please note that only complete applications which include all required documents can be processed and forwarded to the Admissions and Enrollment Office by the specified deadline. If documents are missing, we will notify you by Mail but will suspend the further processing of your application until following you corrected your application within the application deadline. Late submissions of application documents cannot be processed.

Language skills

You would like to attend courses taught in German at TUM? Requirements: excellent German skills. 

You would like to attend courses taught in English? Requirements: excellent English skills.

You would like to attend courses taught in German and English? Requirements: excellent German and English skills.

Please note that we continue to offer many courses in the German language only at TUM.


Which level is required?

TUM departments request a German respec. English certificate (depending in which language you will study at TUM) of at least B1.

Exceptions are TUM School of Management, School of Education and the Center of Life and Sciences in Weihenstephan: here a level of at least B2 is requested. 

Please contact your home university for further information about the required language proficiency level.

Courses and examinations at TUM

The TUM course catalog is available here (Please DO NOT register for TUMonline yourself! TUM will take care of registration on behalf of all exchange students once they have been accepted! Until then, please use TUMonline without registering in order to look for courses for your Learning Agreement! You will receive further information about the procedure and timing of your course registration by mail once you have been accepted.)

How to find TUM courses in general? See here (PDF, 1.11 MB).

How to find courses in a specific TUM department? See here (PDF, 688 KB).


Please note: 

  • At least 60% of the courses you register for must be offered by the school / department you will be enrolled in at TUM!
  • For all question regarding courses and examinations please contact your future TUM department.
  • If you are planning to complete a thesis/project, you must do so at TUM and will have to find your own topic/project! TUM does not allow you to complete your thesis/project with external firms/institutions if you intend to be enrolled at TUM.
  • Special arrangements concerning examination dates and procedures at TUM cannot be made for exchange students! You must comply with scheduled exam dates and times which usually to take place between February and March (winter semester) and between July and September (summer semester). For further information regarding examination periods please see here under the TUM department.
  • For questions regarding the recognition of the courses you wish to take at TUM please contact your home university.


Application deadline

Please note: Your documents and nomination must be received by TUM no later than on May 15 or October 31!

The representatives of your TUM school or department will verify your complete application documents for eligibility. You will subsequently receive your acceptance letter by e-mail from the TUM International Center from July onwards (for the winter semester) or from December onwards (for the summer semester). Your acceptance as an exchange student is not confirmed by TUM until you have received this letter!

What is Erasmus+?

Erasmus+ is the program for education, youth and sports of the European Union. For further information, please visit the website of the European Commission.

Erasmus+ cooperation projects at TUM

PDF documents for download
Erasmus+ University Charta (EUC) (PDF, 419 KB)
TUM Policy Statement (PDF, 146 KB)
Erasmus Student Charta (PDF, 690 KB)