Support is available from TUMi throughout your stay at TUM. Please find below a summary of the services we provide.

Office hours

During the lecture period:

Main campus: room 1328

  • Mon: 09 am - 12 noon
  • Wed: 02 pm - 05 pm
  • Fri: 09 am - 12 noon

Garching: room IAS 1.012

  • Tue: 02 pm - 05 pm



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I would like to attend a German course. Where can I find information?
The TUM Language Center offers numerous courses.

Where can I find information about the Orientation Weeks?
Information about the Orientation Weeks can be found here or in our TUMi-Calendar.

I want a buddy partner who can help me get started in Munich. How do I find this buddy?
The buddy programs are organized by the faculties. The overview can be found here.

Do I have to take part in every single event during the Orientation Weeks?
Participation in the Orientation Weeks is not compulsory. You can simply register for the events you are interested in.

Can I sign up for the Orientation Week as a whole?
No, please register for each event separately. This is to make sure that you only attend events you are actually interested in.

When does registration for the events of the Orientation Weeks start?
Registration for the events will only start at the end of September (winter semester), end of March (summer semester). Details of the program will be published ca. mid-September or mid-March respectively.

When should I arrive in Munich?
We recommend to arrive in time for the Orientation Weeks. However, there is no mandatory arrival date before the start of the lecture period.

I will be arriving later. Is that alright?
The most important Orientation Week events will be repeated in the second week. This means you will not miss out if you arrive later.

I will be arriving even later. Will there still be events?
Even if you will arrive after the Orientation Weeks, that is completely fine. There will be events throughout the semester. For details, please check our TUMi-Calendar.

How can I find out more about the events being offered?
TUMi sends a weekly Newsletter including the upcoming events of the next two weeks. All TUMi events can also be found online in the TUMi-Calendar.

What should I consider when signing up for a TUMi event?
The rules for the application to TUMi events can be found here (under "Registration"). By signing up for a TUMi event, you accept these rules.

Welcome Guide Portal

The TUM Welcome Guide Portal supports international students with their preparation as well as during their studies at TUM. This is a multimedia online portal with a variety of functions.


This checklist will help you with the most important steps after your arrival in Munich. A hardcopy version of this checklist is also included in the Welcome Package you will receive when you collect your student card.