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TUMexchange Incoming Students

TUMexchange offers students from our partner universities an opportunity to come to study at TUM for either one or two semesters. In addition to TUM's world leading courses, exchange participants also benefit from the intercultural experience and the chance to establish an international professional and personal network. 

The program receives students from over 90 universities in 24 countries beyond the European Union in the following regions: 

  • Africa and Israel
  • Asia 
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • North and South America
  • Russia
  • Japan

The TUMexchange Program allows for either one or two semesters of study at TUM.

Students are also able combine studies with an industrial internship.  TUMexchange participants are expected to find their own internships, which can be completed either before or after the term of study, according to the understanding reached between the company and the student. Various resources are available for students in their search for internships and the following links offer more information:

Application period and required documents

Your home university selects and nominates its students for the TUMexchange program according to performance, commitment and language skills. The International Office of your home university sends your application documents to the TUM.

Your nomination and complete application documents need to be at TUM International Center within the application period, but latest by the specified deadline: 

Winter term: March 15th - May 15th                                                                                               Summer term: September 15th - October 31st  

We require the following documents (a single copy of each is required):

  • Online form Important technical information: The online application has been optimized to work with Firefox 5 or higher and Google Chrome. Please only use these browsers! Also pay attention to the information you can find on the first page in our application portal. Please note that new applications sent after our application deadline cannot be accepted anymore!
  • A one-page letter of motivation, written in either English or German, stating your reasons for applying to TUM.
  • Transcript of records (all the grades you have attained at university so far. If you are Master student, please also send your Bachelor grades). We accept transcripts in German or English. If necessary please translate. Translation should be signed and stamped by your university.
  • Document including the courses you are attending at the moment in your current semester (and so are still not listened in the transcript. You can use this form or an own one)
  • Curriculum Vitae in English or German.
  • 1 passport photo for your StudentCard - please attach the photo to the online form printout
  • A copy of your national ID-card / passport (if available)
  • A Learning Agreement (should be filled out in German or English (!) and should be signed and stamped by the coordinator of your home university). If you have questions about the courses at TUM please contact TUM International Student Advisors
  • language certificate: a confirmation about your current language level, issued within the last 2 years. This confirmation can be issued by your home university or a language school:

    • English language certificate: Students who are planning to attend courses in English at TUM 
    • German language certificate: Students who are planning to attend courses in German at TUM 
    • German and English language certificates: Students who are planning to attend courses in German and English at TUM 


Only after you uploaded all documents in the application portal you can submit your data to TUM and the first step of your application is complete. 

Following the onlineform together with all other documents need to be sent again by ordinary post / courier  (please do not fax or email it !!!) to the following address :


Technische Universität München
International Center (incoming)
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München

Please note that we can only deal with applications that are submitted complete with all the documents required on or before the relevant deadline, before forwarding them to the admission office. If any documents are missing, we will advise you by e-mail, but your application can only be processed once we have received the missing papers. We regret that late applications cannot be considered.

Language knowledge

  • For courses given in German, a good command of German to enable you to follow the lectures and really benefit from them (also see "Application documents" for language certificate and "courses at TUM").
  • For courses given in English, a good command of English to enable you to follow the lectures and really benefit from them (also see "Application documents" for language certificate and "courses at TUM").
  • Please note that the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and Chemistry offer only a few or no courses taught in English for undergraduate students (see also "Application documents" for language certificate and "courses at TUM"). Students who apply for the Department for Mechanical Engineering, Medicine or Chemistry are requested to submit a German language certificate in order to be able to attend the courses taught in German.

Courses at TUM

All courses that are offered at TUM can be found here (Please do NOT register in TUMonline by your own! Registration for all exchange students will be done automatically by TUM after you are accepted! So until then please just use TUMonline for searching courses for your learning agreement without registration! Further information about how to register for courses and when will follow in a later information email from our side after you are accepted.)

If there are no courses listed for the semester you want to study in (which usually is the case as you are planning your studies in advance of faculty timetabling), just choose the same semester for which you are planning to come but for the previous year (the offered courses in each semester usually stay the same). Further information can be found here.

Courses Conducted in English can be  found here (or directly contact the TUM coordinator in charge).

Please note: the main number of courses you are planning to attend at TUM need to be in the TUM department you will be registered in!

Please also note: Earlier / extra examinations for exchange students cannot be arranged at TUM! Examinations are depending from the TUM department but normally take place between February and March (winter term) / July and September (summer term). 

Application deadlines

  • 15th of May for students, who would like to study at TUM during the winter term or the whole academic year
  • 31st of October for students, who would like to study at TUM during the summer term

Please note: your complete application documents and the e-nominations need to be at TUM by May 15th respec. October 31st at the latest!!

Note: after the official deadline your complete application documents will then be checked by the appropriate faculty members at TUM. Following the International Center of TUM will send you a letter of admission in July (for the winter term) respectively in December (for the summer term) by email. It is only then that you will have officially been accepted as an exchange student.