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Welcome to TUM

Exchange students are students who study at the TUM for a maximum of three semesters as part of an exchange program (eg Erasmus and TUMexchange) or a bilateral university agreement. They are still matriculated at their home university and continue to pay the fees there. At TUM they have to pay every semester the fee of 114,50€ including the student union fee of about € 52 and the solidary fee for the semesterticket of about € 62,50.

If you have been selected by your home university as an exchange student for a period of study at the TUM under one of our exchange programs, please read the next few pages of our website for some important information about your forthcoming stay in Munich and exchange visit to the TUM.

Please pay particular attention to the section on Application of your exchange program, since we can only accept you as an exchange student at TUM if you have submitted an official application for admission in accordance with the guidelines. Again we want to emphasize the importance of sufficient German language skills if you plan to follow any German lectures or courses.

Application Period

Winter term: March 15th - May 15th  

Summer term: September 15th - October 31st

Please note: Your nomination and complete application documents need to be at TUM by the specified deadline (date in bold).

Application procedure

Admission, enrollment and StudentCard

•    Procedure of admission, enrollment, StudentCard and course registration
•    Compulsory health insurance
•    Semesterticket and MVV& MVG (bus, metro, tram)
•    Student Union Fee

Preparing for your studies at TUM

•    Accommodation
•    Entry regulations (visa) and (temporary) residence permit for Germany
•    Key contact persons (International Center, Student Councils-AStA, department coordinators)
•    TUM Language Center (language courses, intensive courses)
•    German courses in Munich
•    TUMonline - handbook and further information (please do NOT register within TUMonline!)
•    Living in Munich (working, leisure facilities, costs of living)

Welcome in Munich and at TUM - what to do now? First steps in Munich / at TUM

•    How to find TUM
•    Formalities in Germany: (temporary) residence permit, Residents`Registration Office
•    Opening a bank account
•    TUMi (orientation weeks, events)
•    Key TUM institutions (library, cafeteria / mensa, sports facilities, spiritual welfare)