Persönlicher Status und Werkzeuge

Cost of living in Munich

Living in Munich is relatively expensive. According to current calculations you will need some € 830 per month (inclusive of rent, but free time activities are not included) for living in the Bavarian capital Munich. However, when applying for your visa you will only need to present proof that you will have € 659 at per month at your disposal. Please make sure that sufficient funds are available for the whole period of your studies, as you cannot count on scholarships and only are allowed work beside your studies under certain conditions.

One-off expenses

Residence permit:

first-time applicants: free of charge
renewals: free of charge

all others:
first-time applicants: € 110
renewals: € 65-80

Monthly expenses

Health insurance:

  • EU citizens and citizens from countries with a social insurance treaty: free of charge
  • All others: around  € 76-78


Average rent prices:

  • Dorms: ca. € 280 - € 350
  • Private market: ca. € 350 - € 600 €


Board: ca € 300


Transportation costs (MVV):

  • From winter term 13-14 on there will be the new "semesterticket". For further information see here (this page is only available in German at the moment, another link for informations in English can be found here).


Licence fee for radio, TV,...:

In Germany exists a legal fee:

  • For every appartment a fee of €17,50 per month need to be paid – doesn´t matter how many people are living in this appartment, how many radios and televisions are there and how often it is used (so you also need to pay the fee if there is no radio / TV or if these equipments are never or seldom in use!).

Further information: liability to charge and remission (last link only in German available).

Further information about for appartments, shared flats, dorms,.. can also be found here (this page is only available in German).

Expenses per semester

Student union fee and solidary tax for the semesterticket: