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International Applicants

More than 36,000 students are enrolled at the 13 academic departments; around 20% of them come from abroad. From these more than 7,000 international students, around 1,500 students are coming in frame of an exchange program to the TUM.

We wish to extend a warm welcome to the international applicants at the TU München, who have the possibility to choose from one of our numerous international courses! You will find all the important information on the following pages. 

International exchange students (non-degree) and internship students

Exchange students and internship students are students who study at the TUM for a maximum of three semesters as part of an exchange program (e.g. Erasmus or TUMexchange) or a bilateral university agreement and who are not going for a degree at TUM.

Information for exchange students

Informations for internship students

International Degree Students

You would like to apply to one of over 150 study courses at the Technische Universität München (TUM) to receive a degree (e.g. Bachelor, Master...) ?

Please contact the TUM Service Desk.