Conference of the Alumni Network Subsahara Africa (ANSA) in Hamburg


The Alumni Network Subsahara Africa invites you to their conference "Lifelong Learning - Perspectives from beyond the classroom". The event takes place in Hamburg from October 6 to 8, 2017. It mainly addresses students who

  • were funded by DAAD/PROMOS to study, research or work in an African country
  • are from an African country and are currently funded by DAAD to study or research in Germany study or
  • research in the subject area Africa

The DAAD will cover accommodation and catering costs, as well as travelling expenses up to 100 euro.

The program of the ANSA conference includes discussions on the conference topic and the participant’s presentations. In addition, alumni and current scholarship holders have the possibility to present their own projects which do not have to be related to the overall topic.

Application deadline for the ANSA conference in Hamburg is September 10, 2017.

Please find further information on the website of ANSA e.V. (in German)