Participants of GlobalTech Presidents' Forum in Munich.
Participants of GlobalTech Presidents' Forum in Munich. (Photo: Heddergott / TUM)


Founded in 2009, the Global Alliance of Technological Universities is a network of the world’s leading technological universities. As Germany’s foremost technical university TUM was admitted to the alliance in 2013 and has held the presidency since 2015. 

Currently, the seven member universities are distributed over four continents and eight countries

The Alliance addresses global societal issues to which science and technology could offer solutions. These issues include biomedicine and health care, sustainability and global environmental change, security of energy, water and food supplies, security, and changing demographics.


More information

More information on the Alliance and its current activities can be found on the GlobalTech Alliance Website.


TUM Global Incentive Fund - New Call for Proposals 2018

There are new subsidies available for the TUM Global Incentive Fund. The GIF supports TUM scholars and scientists in exploring and intensifying new and existing international cooperations within the GlobalTech Alliance. Applications can be submitted by March 28th, 2018.