The Swiss European Mobility Program
Zurich, Lausanne and more: The Swiss European Mobility Program offers many opportunities for one or two semesters abroad in Switzerland. Photo: Marina Schreier / TUM

Study in Switzerland with the Swiss-European Mobility Programme

The Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) offers attractive funding opportunities for a study visit in Switzerland. The scholarships for students and doctoral candidates of TUM are provided by the participating Swiss universities.

Would you like to study a semester abroad in Switzerland? Then take advantage of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme. It offers financial support to study at major Swiss partner universities and gain valuable international experience. The monthly funding is currently up to 440 CHF. Just apply online for your preferred university. The participating Swiss universities can be found in our online database.

How it works

  • Choose a Swiss partner university via our online database
  • Apply online via MoveON
  • Nomination by your TUM department
  • Apply for the sholarship at the partner university
  • Upload final documents to MoveON for the record of your stay in the Diploma Supplement

Participation requirements for the Swiss European Mobility Programme

In order to apply for the Swiss-European Mobility Programme, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Enrollment at the TUM
  • First year of study successfully completed
  • Planned stay of at least three to a maximum of twelve months
  • Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction at the host university

Note: Would you like to write your thesis in Switzerland? Further information can be found under Internship in Switzerland.

Application procedure

1. Online application via MoveON

  • Apply each year between December and January for the following winter and summer semester
  • Register in MoveON with TUM your e-mail address
  • Complete the online application form "Application for Erasmus+ SMS, Switzerland, Double Degree and Departmental Program 2019/20"
  • Chose up to four destination preferences (combination with Erasmus countries possible)

Remember the password for post-processing of your stay abroad in the online portal.
Always use the same TUM e-mail address for changes and for further applications.

2. Upload the required documents

The following documents must be uploaded with your application in MoveON:

  • Letter of motivation
  • CV
  • Language certificates
  • Academic records of previous semester
  • Preliminary study plan* at the host institution

 After submitting your application, you can download it as a PDF file for your records.

3. Selection and nomination by the TUM department

Based on your application, you will be nominated at the Swiss partner university by your TUM department.

4. Application for funding at Swiss university

After the selection and nomination by your TUM department, please inform yourself directly at the Swiss university about the scholarship procedure and how to apply for the funding. The monthly scholarship amount of the Swiss Government amounts to approximately 440 CHF (ca. 390 €).

Record in the Diploma Supplement

After successful completion of your semester abroad, your stay can be printed in the Diploma Supplement. To do so, upload the following documents in MoveON no later than 1 month after your return:

  • Confirmation of Stay, which contains the start and end dates
  • Experience report, template see Downloads

Use the form Documents for Mobility (Erasmus SMS and SMP, SEMP and Double Degree) for the upload.


What is the Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Following the vote on the mass immigration initiative on 9 February 2014, the European Commission has suspended negotiations with Switzerland for participation in Erasmus +. The funding of stays in Switzerland continues under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme.

General information about SEMP can also be found on the movetia website. The Swiss agency has been responsible for the program since 2017.