Freemovers are organizing their stay abroad by themselves. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)
Free movers are organizing their stay abroad by themselves. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)

Free movers

If you do not make use of structured programs such as TUMexchange, Erasmus+ or Departmental Partnerships for your stay abroad, you will be classified as a so-called Free mover. This means that you will be organizing your semester of study or the completion of your seminar paper or final thesis abroad yourself.

Career Service

The Career Center will support you at all stages of your career planning: from establishing your personal competency profile to successful application and starting your career, and beyond.

Leave of absence

Even as a Free mover, you may be entitled to a leave of absence for your stay abroad under certain circumstances.

Detailed information regarding leaves of absence

Grant programs

The International Center offers several grant programs, through which you can obtain financial support for your stay abroad.

Recognition and inclusion in the diploma supplement

Upon consultation with your TUM school or department, credits can also be obtained for stays abroad which you organize yourself. Please contact the International Affairs Delegate of your department for further details.

In addition, you may have the Freemover stay organized by yourself included in your Diploma Supplement as a Freemover stay. 

If you have applied for a scholarship program (PROMOS/Ministeriumsstipendium) you do not need to register again as a free-mover. Every accepted or rejected application will automatically be included in the Diploma Supplement as long as the Confirmation of Stay has been submitted.  

For further information, please click here.

This requires completion of the following steps:

  • Registration of a stay organized by yourself in MoveOn using this online form and upload the confirmation of stay here
    • "Registration of stay abroad - Outgoing"
  • Submission of the printed and signed online form together with a Confirmation of Stay to the International Affairs Delegate of your TUM school or department.
    • The Confirmation of Stay should include:
      • Duration of your stay
      • Name and Country of the host institution
      • Signature and function of the person responsible, stamp of the institution
      • Content of your stay (traineeship reference, transcript of records, ECTS certificate, etc.)
  • Approval of the stay abroad by the International Affairs Delegate. Please forward the signed and approved online form to the International Center.
  • The International Center will arrange for the automatic inclusion of the details of your stay in your diploma supplement (Please note: Consider the timeframe of the inclusion – March, June, September and December)