Fair at Day of Development Programs "TUM without borders", November 2015. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)
Fair at Day of Development Programs "TUM without borders", November 2015. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)
Visitors at Day of Development Programs "TUM without borders", November 2015. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)
Visitors at Day of Development Programs "TUM without borders", November 2015. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)
Lecture given at Day of Development Programs "TUM without borders", November 2015. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)
Lecture given at Day of Development Programs "TUM without borders", November 2015. (Image: TUM/Heddergott)

TUM Without Borders – Taking Action Worldwide

Many TUM students are concerned with global issues and make wide-ranging contributions to sustainable development cooperation. This allows students to gain life-changing experiences and combine academic education with social commitment. This commitment is multifaceted and ranges from the construction of an innovative school auditorium in Tanzania to the deployment of medical students in order to support humanitarian initiatives in Nepal, Burma or Kenya.

Working Committee for Development Cooperation

The Arbeitskreis Entwicklungszusammenarbeit is a discussion forum aimed at all committed students, research assistants and professors who are in need of or interested in discussing and acquiring information about topics related to development cooperation. The forum was founded in 2010 in order to provide a platform for students and academic teaching staff to learn about projects, obtain relevant information and exchange their own experiences.

Student projects

An increasing number of TUM students make important contributions to sustainable development in less affluent countries. Students are carrying out and participating in a variety of projects around the globe.

TUM grants

The International Center allows you to apply for financial support for travel expenses incurred in connection with academic activities in developing countries. Funding is available both for travel expenses of TUM staff and students wishing to travel to developing countries for academic purposes with the express support of their Chairs.

Organizations and programs

Stays in emerging and developing countries promote a better understanding of global issues and social contexts, enhance social and cultural competencies in unique ways and are therefore often experienced as being particularly fulfilling and intense. In addition, such stays significantly improve the profile of job applicants. A stay in an emerging or developing country demonstrates resilience and contributes to an exciting CV which sets the applicant apart from many others. Please find below a list of organizations and programs you can support during a stay in an emerging or developing country:

AFS volunteer programs

The AFS programs are geared towards promoting personal and social involvement, sustainability and global thinking. AFS offers young adults the opportunity to discover new countries, experience another language and culture and get involved worldwide.


Global Citizen offers the opportunity to gain exciting impressions and experiences, develop skills and personal competencies and have a positive impact on society within a new cultural environment.

Live-in-Labs program of Amrita University, India

Amrita University, a TUM partner university in India, has initiated a new program called Live-in-Labs. The Live-in-Labs initiative enables international students and young scientists to engage with the needs and problems of rural areas in India in order to find sustainable, innovative and financially viable solutions. The applications are handled via the TUMexchange Programme. 

ASA Program

The ASA program has been supporting young people from diverse professions and fields of study who would like to understand and make an impact on global relations.

Campus For Change

Campus for Change offers motivated students the opportunity to make the world a better place together in small steps, whether by means of an original project idea or by being involved in ongoing projects and the association.

DAAD scholarship programs

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a number of programs supporting students with stays abroad in emerging and developing countries for study and research purposes.


Enactus Munich is a student-led non-profit organization with the aim of improving the standard and quality of life of others.

Go Ahead!

Go Ahead! mediates internships and volunteer places in different countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

IAESTE intern exchange

IAESTE is an international, non-political and independent organization providing students with internships abroad. The internships aim to provide students enrolled in degree programs related to natural sciences and technology with a better understanding of practical contexts while giving them insights into the ways of living and thinking of other cultures.

Engineers without Borders

Engineers without Borders supports people whose infrastructure-related basic needs are either unfulfilled or at stake due to poverty or hardship.


The international cultural voluntary service »kulturweit« for young people aged between 18 and 26 was launched in 2009. It is managed by the German UNESCO Committee and supported by Germany's Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mercator Fellowship for International Affairs

The Mercator Kolleg supports high-performing university graduates from all disciplines seeking a position of responsibility in international fields of activity.

Service Civil International (SCI)

Service Civil International offers a variety of volunteer opportunities to people, such as short, mid- and long term projects, but also the possibility to become active for a local branch or participate in a seminar or training. They organize short term projects (workcamps) in Germany every year.

Technology without Borders

Technik ohne Grenzen e.V. has set itself the objective of improving living conditions in developing countries. One of the association's missions is to offer students the opportunity to put technological and engineering knowledge to multifaceted intercultural use throughout the world.


TUMsocial is a TUM project for young academics. The web platform serves as a virtual notice board to facilitate the contact between TUM members and social institutions.


With weltwärts, young people are given the opportunity to volunteer in developing countries. They receive intensive training for their mission from the sending organization and ongoing support throughout the duration of their volunteer stay. The fields of activity of the volunteers include the entire spectrum of current topics related to development cooperation. weltwärts is funded by Germany's Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and run by a number of civic sending organizations in collaboration with local project partners.  

World University Service internships

WUS is an international, politically and denominationally neutral organization which exists in over 50 countries around the globe. WUS defines itself as an international community of students, academic teaching staff and employees of the educational sector. Prerequisites for the internships offered include an interest in interpersonal contact and a basic understanding of North-South cooperation. WUS offers German and international students the opportunity to take part in different committees of the World University Service around the world, but also in other partner organizations, in order to gain insights into the everyday life of other cultures.