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Go international

TUM is open to the world and stands for international academic exchange. TUM International Center offers a wealth of opportunities for international networking and worldwide cooperation and supports students, scientists and administration and management staff in their efforts to gain international experience. 

Information for TUM students

International experience is one of the key qualifications for future leaders and executives. While studying at TUM students have many opportunities for studies or internships abroad (or a combination of both academic studies and placements) within the European Erasmus-Program, other EU mobility programs, TUM's own TUMexchange-Program or the Athens-Program. In addition, there are many support programs such as the PROMOS scholarships and much information is available for you to "go international" as part of your studies at TUM.

Information for TUM scientists

Exchange in teaching and research is an important goal at TUM. Apart from the opportunites presented by TUM ForTe and TUM Graduate School  there is also the European program ERASMUS Staff Mobility for Teaching Assigments (STA), which can be combined with short-term research stays.

Further information on the ERASMUS program and on teaching, research and further training abroad can be found at TUM Graduate School, TUM ForTe and TUM International Center. 

Information for TUM administration and management staff

International experience is gaining more and more importance for TUM administration and management staff, too. The European ERASMUS-Program for Staff Mobility (STT) offers opportunites for this group of TUM employees to gain international experience through training and further education courses.