Ein PREP-Student forscht im Labor am TUM-Campus in Garching
PREP student 2017 preparing a test liquid for freeze-drying (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Studentin hilft einem Probanden beim Test zur Muskelfunktion und Neuromechanik.
PREP student 2017 helps test person with an oxygen mask in preparation for a test on muscle function and neuromechanics (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Studentin bespricht Testergebnisse mit ihrem Betreuer.
PREP student 2017 discussing first test results on activity measurements of platinum alloy catalysts via rotating ring-disk electrode measurements with her supervisor (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Studentin erforscht Kontroll- und Lernmechanismen am Probanden.
PREP student 2017 examining control and learning mechanisms by applying a robotic manipulandum to a test person (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Studentin am Mikroskop
PREP student 2017 analyzing cells regarding the determination of the amount of phosphorus in lipid membranes (Image: Benz / TUM)
(Image: Benz / TUM)
(Image: Benz / TUM)
Image: Benz / TUM
Gut gelaunt starteten die ersten PREPler in ihr Sommerprogramm an der TUM
Cheerful start of the research summer program PREP (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP 2017 an der Technischen Universität München: Kennenlernen der Gruppe
PREP 2017 at the Technical University of Munich: Getting to know each other (Image: Benz / TUM)
Im Gespräch mit der TUM Vizepräsidentin Hannemor Keidel auf dem Empfang des PREP Kick-off 2017
Talking to TUM senior vice president Hannemor Keidel at the PREP 2017 kick-off reception (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Closing Event 2017: Gespräch zwischen PREP Studentin und einem Dozenten
Discussing a research poster on a new aerobic performance test (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Closing Event 2017: Zwei PREP Studenten vertieft in die Details eines Posters
Two PREP students absorbed in the details of a research poster (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Closing Event 2017: PREP Studentin im Gespräch mit Betreuern
Laughing together with supervisors at the closing event (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Closing Event 2017: Lachende PREP-Studentin mit der TUM-Vizepräsidentin und ihrem Betreuer
PREP student discussing her research with her supervisor and TUM senior vice president Hannemor Keidel (Image: Benz / TUM)
PREP Closing Event 2017: Glückliche PREP Studenten 2017 nach der Zertifikatsvergabe
Happy PREP students 2017 with their certificates (Image: Benz / TUM)

Practical Research Experience Program (PREP)

Excellent North American students are invited to apply for the TUM Practical Research Experience Program (PREP), a 10-week program that runs over the course of the summer. Participating in a research project under the supervision of a TUM faculty member, PREP participants will build up and further refine their research skills, learn more about the specifics of the German higher education and research landscape, and become members of the diverse scientific community at Germany's top-ranked technical university.

TUM PREP applicants demonstrate outstanding academic achievements, can easily adapt to new environments and are driven by a general curiosity for science and research. During their stay and beyond, program participants serve as ambassadors for their home institutions and for TUM, respectively, and will contribute to the strengthening of international research networks. 

TUM International Center will arrange accommodation for all program participants, and award scholarships to students in need of financial support. An orientation event as well as cultural program will ensure that program participants are well integrated into the local student body, and will have a chance to immerse themselves in the unique cultural and economic environment of Munich and Bavaria, respectively.

Download the PREP Program Sketch

Download the PREP Flyer

PREP at a Glance

Available Projects 2018

Projects offered for TUM PREP 2018 by the different TUM university chairs, may be found here.

Program Dates 2018

Application periodNovember 1 – December 1, 2017
OrientationJune 4, 2018
ProjectsJune 4 – August 10, 2018
Final EventAugust 10, 2018


Applicants must be enrolled at one of the following institutions in the U.S. or Canada at the time of their application and during their participation in PREP in order to be eligible for the program:

Brown University I California Institute of Technology I Carnegie Mellon University I Columbia University I Cornell University I Duke University I Georgia Institute of Technology I Harvard University I Johns Hopkins University I McGill University I McMaster University I Michigan State University I MIT I New York University I Northwestern University I Princeton University I Purdue University I Rutgers. The State University of New Jersey I Stanford University I UC Berkeley I UC Davis I UC Irvine I UC Los Angeles I UC San Diego I UC San Francisco I UC Santa Barbara I Université de Montréal I University of Alberta I University of British Columbia I University of Chicago I University of Colorado at Boulder I University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign I University of Maryland at College Park I University of Michigan I University of Minnesota I University of North Carolina I University of Pennsylvania I University of Pittsburgh I University of Southern California I University of Texas at Austin I University of Toronto I University of Washington I University of Wisconsin Madison I VirginiaTech I Washington University in St. Louis I Yale University  

Academic Prerequisites:

Applicants must meet the following application criteria:

  • Undergraduate or graduate students
    (at least 2 years of undergraduate studies completed when arriving to TUM)
  • GPA minimum: 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Project-specific skills as mentioned in project descriptions

No German language proficiency is required to participate in the program. Applicants are expected to be aware of recognition and credit transfer regulations at their home institutions. 

Services Provided by TUM

TUM will provide the following services to program participants:

  • Scholarship: Students not otherwise supported for their participation in PREP will receive a TUM scholarship (1,500.00€, paid in three rates).
  • Accommodation:
    TUM will offer a dorm room to all program participants.
  • Individual Support:
    The PREP Program Manager will act as single point of contact for program participants. In addition, PREP participants will have the support of student buddies.
  • Orientation: TUM PREP participants will be invited to a special orientation event at the beginning of their stay in Munich.
  • Framework Program:
    PREP provides a special framework program with activities and events designed for TUM PREP students only, e.g. German taster course, intercultural training, industry visits and networking events. Moreover, program participants may participate in the activities organized by TUMi, TUM's cultural immersion program for international students.

Cost Estimates

PREP participants should calculate with the following total expenses for their three-month-stay in Munich, though individual figures will vary with regard to personal spending habits (expenses related to travel, visa and (mandatory) health insurance* not included):

No program fee!

PREP Scholarship**:                                                                      1,500.00€

One-time Expenses (***to be paid before arrival)

Enrolment Fee ~130.00€***
Semester ticket for public transportation
[Dorm Room Security Deposit (will be refunded!)~500.00€]***
Travel Expenses and Visa Fees                                             

General Expenses (totals for the entire stay)

Accommodation  ~1,800.00€
Living Expenses~1,500.00€

*Students must obtain health coverage in Germany. It is highly recommended that students have sufficient liability insurance coverage.

**TUM will support all program participants not receiving a scholarship/grant or financial aid directly related to their participation in TUM PREP.

Application Procedure, Application Deadline and Admission

Application Procedure:

Students should apply via our online application platform.

Some partner institutions may pre-select and then nominate students for participation in PREP, students from these institutions should inquire with the unit in charge of international mobility programs regarding the application procedure. 

Institutions pre-selecting and nominating students are:

  • The University of Alberta (Contact: Ciara Murrin, International Internship Coordinator)

Application Deadline:

December 1st, 2017 (3 pm CET).

Selection of Projects and Placement:

Students applying for a specific project will have a chance to name another as their second choice in the online application platform. Applications will be assessed in close cooperation with project supervisors, taking into account the applicant’s academic credentials and motivation as well as the intensity of engagement between TUM and the sending (partner) institution.

Admission Letters:

Admission to the program will be highly competitive. All applicants and partner institutions will be informed about the outcome of their application by the end of January, 2018. 

Application Documents

Applicants should submit the following documents via our online platform:

  • Application Form     (= online registration)
  • Letter of Motivation (1 per project)
  • Resume
  • Transcript of Records
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Photo (passport sized for student card)
  • Confirmation of Insurance (students will take care of the necessary insurance coverage)

Late or incomplete applications cannot be considered.