Accommodation for Exchange Students

In general, international exchange students can use the same methods to find accommodation in Munich as regular TUM students. These include searching for an apartment or a room on the private market, as well as applying for a room in a dormitory run by a social or private organization. In contrast to regular TUM students, however, international exchange students may not directly apply for a dormitory room run by the Munich Student Union (= Studentenwerk München).

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International Center gets a very limited number of dormitory offerings with a tutor supervision program (= Service Package) from the Munich Student Union, which are reserved for the 'TUMexchange' program participants. Please understand that we are unable to provide dormitory rooms for students coming through other mobility programs as well as TUM internships, but we can assist you with search on the private market.

Service package offer for the 'TUMexchange' program participants

Due to the strict rules of the Munich Student Union regarding age limit of the tenants, we are not able to offer the Service package dormitory accommodation to any exchange student over the age of 29. Please search for housing on the private market with the help of tips in the section ‘Help for exchange students of other mobility programs (e.g. Erasmus, bilateral agreement etc.)’. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

General information

  • Think carefully before accepting the offer: Please refrain from accepting our offer if you intend to search on the private market. However, keep in mind that accommodation in Munich is scarce and expensive. If you turn down our offer, you will receive no other accommodation from the International Center. Your acceptance of the Service Package is binding.
  • Rental agreements are legally binding documents: Contracts with the Munich Student Union cannot be extended or terminated earlier.
  • Rooms are allocated to exchange students: The Service Package offers must be accepted unconditionally. Change of a room is not possible.
  • Type of accommodation: Usually it is a single room in a larger apartment, where you have to share a bathroom and/or a kitchen with a number of other students. We have no double rooms at our disposal.
  • Location: Travel time from different dormitories, which are spread all over the city, to the main campus or the campus in Garching can take up to 45 minutes, which is normal for Munich.
  • Monthly rent and refundable deposit: Rent ranges from 300 to 400 euro per month. This is one of the cheapest options for living in Munich. You will have to pay a refundable deposit of up to 500 euro, which will be returned to you 3 - 4 months after the expiration of your rental agreement.

Attention: Since dormitories of the Munich Student Union are government-funded, it is prohibited to rent this kind of accommodation for personal enrichment. Violation will lead to termination of the rental agreement without previous notice.

Before subletting your dormitory accommodation to anyone please always first contact the administration office of your dormitory.

Important dates


  • room offer from TUM: via email at latest the middle of July
  • term of lease: one or maximal two semesters
  • date of moving-in: between October 1st and October 9th
  • date of moving-out: March 31st (for one semester); September 30th (for two semesters)


  • room offer from TUM: via email at latest the middle of January
  • term of lease: one semester
  • date of moving-in: between April 1st and April 8th
  • date of moving-out: September 30th

Before arrival

After the International Center has obtained your acceptance of the Service Package offer, you will receive an Acceptance of Accommodation letter from the Munich Student Union approximately 6 weeks before the official moving-in date, which you have to sign and return to the Student Union in a digital form before the deadline. By sending back the signed Acceptance of Accommodation letter, you commit yourself to renting and paying for the offered room.

Other important information in the Acceptance of Accommodation letter:

  • dormitory complex, in which the room is situated
  • items, which are or are not available in the room
  • rental price, refundable deposit
  • address of the administration office of your dormitory, where you will sign your rental agreement and receive the keys

The addresses and opening hours of all administration offices are listed on the webpage of the Munich Student Union. Please arrange your arrival accordinglly, because the International Center does not have the capacity to pick up the keys for you.

Please note that you will receive the exact address of your future accommodation only when you sign the rental agreement. There is no possibility to send any package before your arrival to Munich.

If you are planning to come to Munich earlier than April 1st (summer semester) or October 1st (winter semester), we would kindly ask you to find a temporary place until your official moving-in date.

Help for exchange students of other mobility programs (e.g. Erasmus, bilateral agreement etc.)

Applications for mobility programs such as Erasmus, partner university, bilateral agreement etc. do not include the provision of a room with a tutor supervision program (= Service Package) in a dormitory belonging to the Munich Student Union. Accordingly, there is no application procedure.

If there are free places left, they are allocated according to internal procedures and concerned students are contacted via email by the International Center. It is not possible to reserve a dormitory room in the Student Union by sending us an email, because there is no waiting list. However, it is possible to apply for a place in a private dormitory.

Moreover, please search for an accommodation on the private market. For detailed information about accommodation search in Munich please visit the following webpage: and in this Pdf document.

Three important aspects of a successful accommodation search in Munich:

  • Start two to three months before the beginning of semester. There are not so many offers three months in advance, but there is also less competition. Moreover, sometimes you can apply for a room in a private dormitory even earlier.

  • Come to Munich to visit rooms. It is almost impossible to find a room from abroad and so you can protect yourself from frauds.

  • Attention! Do not transfer any money for a deposit or rent in advance from abroad if you are not one hundred percent sure that the accommodation really exists. Here is an example of a typical fraud scheme.

Please understand that we are unable to provide any accommodation for trainees at the TUM, but we can assist you with search on the private market.

International exchange students at WZW, Freising

Exchange students going to Freising, please send your requests regarding accommodation directly to the International Office at the Weihenstephan Science Center (WZW) in Freising.

Liability insurance

In Germany, anybody who injures a person or damages someone’s property is held liable, for example if you accidently break a piece of furniture in a rented room or cause a car accident as a pedestrian. It might be not so dramatic if you only have to pay several hundred euro; however, several thousand euro might not be affordable. It is highly recommended that you buy a liability insurance during your exchange semester in Germany that protects you from unjustified claims and covers costs for justified ones.

Where can you get private liability insurance?

In your home country:

If you already have liability insurance in your home country, ask your insurance provider whether it is also valid in Germany.

If you do not have one, you can inquire about the possibility of buying one in your home country that is valid in Germany, too.


You can find an insurance provider on your own in the Internet quite easily. There are even liability insurances designed especially for short stays (e.g. “Dr. Walter” or “Mawista”; please note that the International Center does not endorse these two insurance companies).

You are free to choose whether or not you want this kind of insurance and which insurance provider you contact. Please note that we take no responsibility for information or agreements found on external links. Use these links at your own discretion.

Accommodation offers from TUM students for international exchange students

These offers only apply to international exchange students at the TUM.

TUM students (Outgoing): Offering accommodation

Regarding accommodation offers for Freising please contact directly the International Office at the Weihenstephan Science Center (WZW) under

If you wish to exchange or rent your room / apartment in Munich or in Garching to an international exchange student during your semester abroad, please download this form (DOC 52 KB), fill it out and send it to Anna Kondratskaya under by 30 June (offers for winter semester) /1 December (offers for summer semester).

Your offers will be put online without contact details at the beginning of July (winter semester) and at the beginning of December (summer semester). Only international exchange students, interested in your offer, will receive the contact information per email from us and will write / call you directly.

We kindly ask you to wait until the middle of July/ beginning of January and give the exchange students a chance to contact you.

International exchange students (Incoming): Seeking  accommodation

On this webpage you can find accommodation offers for exchange students planning to study in Munich and Garching. Exchange students going to Freising, please contact the International Office at the Weihenstephan campus in Freising under

The following departments have lectures at the main campus: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, TUM School of Education, Architecture and TUM School of Management.

The lectures of Mechanical engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics and Mathematics take place in Garching.

How to use the accommodation platform of the International Center:

  • If you found suitable offers, please read the Pdf documents carefully and then send an e-mail to to get contact details of TUM students.
  • Once you have this information, contact the person immediately and do not forget to introduce yourself.
  • You will be given preference, if you have a room available for a TUM student in exchange.


Offers will be put online at the beginning of July.