TUM Beijing was opened in 2006 (Foto: Jin/Zhou)
TUM Beijing was opened in 2006 (Foto: Jin/Zhou)
Alumni meeting during the visit of vice-president prof. Gerhard Mueller in Beijing (Foto:Jin/Zhou)
Alumni meeting during the visit of vice-president prof. Gerhard Mueller in Beijing (Foto:Jin/Zhou)
Alumni talk show in Shanghai (Foto: Jin/Zhou)
Alumni talk show in Shanghai (Foto: Jin/Zhou)

TUM Beijing

Chinese students and doctoral candidates form the largest group of international students at TUM. Given this potential and the growing importance of China in the fields of research and innovation, TUM established its first offshore representative office in Beijing in 2006.

The office in Beijing serves as a point of contact for partner universities, prospective students, doctoral candidates, as well as scientists from China and Taiwan, and represents TUM at fairs and information events. Regular alumni events, pre-departure webinars for TUM freshmen from China and the TUM-Weibo make the TUM community one of the most active in the world.

TUM Beijing is one of six liaison offices in addition to Brussels, Mumbai, Cairo, San Francisco and São Paulo. Already in 2002, TUM established its own offshore campus TUM Asia in Singapore. The expansion of a global presence is part of the initiative TUM Global, a core piece of TUM’s institutional strategy which was a part of its successful application within the German Excellence Initiative.


PhD matchmaking workshop with Prof. Sauer

May 2018, Successful PhD Workshop in Beijing

On May 12, TUM Beijing in cooperation with Prof. Johannes Sauer (Chair of Production and Resource Economics) and Dr. Stephan Wimmer held a PhD Workshop in Beijing. The 23 PhD applicants from mechanical engineering, computer science and materials science were informed about how to pursue doctoral studies at TUM. Questions such as “How to apply for a PhD position at TUM?” or “How to write an effective research proposal?” were answered during the workshop. The full-day event was divided into two parts: the morning session was dedicated to the workshop "Research at TUM", whereas in the afternoon Prof. Sauer deepened his discussions on doctoral research in the field of Agricultural Economics with three applicants in a PhD matchmaking workshop. The participants’ feedback was very positive, as they did not only learn about PhD opportunities at TUM, but also gained insight into TUM’s history and available scholarship programs.

December 2017: New linkage of TUM Beijing with Beihang University

At the end of December 2017, Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Beihang) signed a new cooperation agreement. The two universities aim at further strengthening cooperation in academic research in the future and plan to set up a new dual-doctoral degree program in the field of aerospace. In the framework of the enhanced partnership, TUM Beijing will be temporarily linked to Beihang University, with the TUM Beijing’s office being located at the Beihang campus.


  • Relationship management and networking with leading Chinese universities and institutions
  • Participation in information events in China and Taiwan
  • Academic advising and student recruitment, e.g. PhD matchmaking workshops & pre-departure webinars
  • Activating TUM's alumni network, e.g. alumni talk show
  • Analysis of the education market in China and Taiwan
  • Weibo media support
  • Support and hospitality for TUM staff during visits to China


Events 2017/2018

March 2018, Webinar, „Studying and Living at TUM“


March 15, Online „Studying and living at TUM”, a webinar for the preparation and orientation of Chinese and Taiwanese first-semester students at TUM and in Munich.

February, 2018, Presentation “Study at TUM”

February, 2018, Presentation at Rhine Spring German Institute in Beijing

General information about study and research opportunities at TUM will be provided during the presentation.

October 2017, Education fairs in China and Taiwan


14-15. 10. 2017 European Education Fair in Taipei

21.-24.10.2017 China International Education Exhibition in Beijing and Chengdu

General information about study and research opportunities at TUM will be provided at an info stand of TUM and during a talk.





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